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                           January 2017

                           January 2017


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"Of course, food is the easiest way to make a difference in how you feel, but supplements can also boost how you feel in a palpable way. Bee pollen is certainly a supplement that has made a major difference in my life, which was perplexing to me. It has no caffeine, but mid-afternoon when I am feeling tired and sluggish, a pinch of this down the hatch and I feel revived. No shakes, no feeling sick to my stomach, but I’m once again alert. It is remarkable...

[Busy Bee] proved to be a wonderful substitute energy-wise and I will continue to turn to it, in the pursuit of better sleep habits. And the fact that there are all sorts of added benefits to consuming it aside from the fact that it’s a buzzy brain boost? Well, that’s just fantastic.." 

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