Higher Self

Higher Self


This herbal elixir is perfect for anyone who nervously picks at their skin. It's designed to ease your nerves, ward of anxiety, and bring in a calming energy of relaxation.

Use: Lightly shake before using. Place 4 drops under the tongue daily, or as needed.

Ingredients: Echinacea, Pau D'arco, Rose Hips, Purified Water, Tequila, Selenite Essence, Chrysoprase Essence, Rose Quartz Essence, Turquoise Essence.

Kosher Certified. Certified Organic. No animal testing. Never heat processed.



What inspired our Higher Self formula? A meditation written by Alana Fairchild in her Isis Oracle Card Deck (see card: Temple of Black Obsidian).

In this meditation, you visualize yourself entering into the Temple of Black Obsidian, where you confront the darkest aspects of your self, and free those aspects from judgement and attack. 

As you stand in the antechamber of the temple, the Egyptian Goddess, Isis, meets you with a golden vial of pure love energy. She invites you to drink out of the vial, before, during, or after your meditation to help you "love, honour, and accept [yourself], no matter what you see" inside the deepest pieces of your soul.

This meditation speaks about how we are all human, made up of light and dark, and communicates that the more light we send to those dark spaces, the brighter we all will be.

Our product, Higher Self, is intended to be used in the same way as the vial of pure love in the meditation: used to surge your cells with pure love energy to erase fear, and embrace the brightest version of yourself.

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