Is Bee Pollen the Simplest Cure for Your Eczema?

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Morning Tea to Heal Eczema

Use this easy, beverage recipe to help heal your eczema in as little as 3 weeks.

1 cup of warm, purified water

1 slice of lemon (or substitute with bergamot orange)

1 teaspoon of Busy Bee Supplement



Make sure your water is not boiling.

Boiling water kills all things that are alive, including the beneficial properties of bee pollen!

Blend until consistency is smooth.

Is bee pollen the simplest cure for your eczema?


My interest in natural cosmetics and holistic remedies started during my University days.


I was going through a stressful period, and my life didn’t seem to be letting up. I was experiencing such extreme stress that it began evolving into a problematic auto-immune disease.


Auto-immune diseases manifest differently for everyone.


For me, it meant chronic eczema—specifically on my hands. My skin felt like it was in a constant state of urgency with heavy inflammation, and a chronic, insatiable itch.


From consoling with traditional dermatologists to seeking out homeopaths, I’ve tried it all to find a cure.


Traditional medicine just made things worse for me. It didn’t address the root cause of my auto-immune disease (which was stress), and it couldn’t provide me with long-term, non-toxic solutions.


So, I turned a new leaf, and looked into natural medicine—specifically seeking out remedies that stemmed from herbal medicine, homeopathic medicine, and Ayurvedic medicine. The recommendations I received helped, but didn’t cure my chronic eczema—and then I discovered something that would change my skin forever: bee pollen.


One day, at the local organic market, I bumped into a stand that was selling apiculture products such as aromatic honey, beeswax, royal jelly, propilis, and pollen. 


I was instantly intrigued by bee pollen, bought it right there and then, and began consuming it on a regular basis. It’s like my body just knew it would restore my skin health.


The research I did told me that consuming bee pollen first thing in the morning would be especially beneficial for my health—but I’m not much of a breakfast person. So, I blended it into an energizing morning tea with the recipe listed above.


It was so smooth, and so simple.


Within three weeks, I saw drastic improvement in my skin: fewer rashes, rapid wound healing, softer skin, silky hair, and increased mental well-being. 


I found out that bee pollen is one of the most precious natural resources for our bodies.


It’s rich in B group vitamins, phytoestrogens, proteins, and minerals that all work to strengthen our cells, and boost our immunity.


Although bee pollen increases your energy, it is not a stimulant.


It works via adaptogenic properties rather than stimulant properties; which means it helps the body adapt to physical and psychological stress by minimizing fatigue, boosting energy, and enhancing your mood. 


It was the golden ticket for my auto-immune disease, and is a powerful healing tool for people of all ages, and different lifestyles.


Make sure you aren’t allergic to bee pollen before consuming by testing a little bit on the inside of our lip. If it flares up, you know you are allergic. If not, you’re free to consume to your heart’s desire.


Always rely on certified, and verified pollen, like Jiva Bhaksa Busy Bee!

Otherwise, you might be ingesting needless toxins that do more harm than good.


About the Author:

VANESSA CURTIS is a holistic beauty enthusiast. She believes in the power of nature, and the effectiveness of alternative medicine. She makes homemade cosmetics in her home country of Italy, and enjoys trying organic beauty products from countries around the world.