What the Funk is Maracuja Oil? And Why Is It Good For Your Skin?

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Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

I not-so-recently moved into a messy-yet-filled-with-good-vibes apartment with some beautiful friends of mine. 

My new roomies are a riot, and so are all the random drawers + cupboards packed to the brim with random stuff from the last seven years of living there. 

FLASH to one morning last month when the joy of LIFE was pulsing through my veins from my morning cup of joe (boosted with a serving of Busy Bee).

I had no meetings until 11 am, and I was feeling adventurous.

With nowhere to go, I ventured into our medicine cabinet to see what magical sh%! might fall on my head—and as the heaps of unused products came tumbling down, my eyes instantly locked with a gorgeous bottle of maracuja oil?

"What the funk is this?" I asked myself.

I'm a sucker for anything oily (my name, Diya, means oil lamp). So post shower, I sprayed my usual dosage of rosewater all over my skin and slathered the light, clear, scentless maracuja oil all over my face and neck. 

Within minutes my usual redness (from rosacea) calmed, and the oil absorbed so easily that it might've just as well been lotion. Fast forward to a few hours later and I'm receiving compliment after compliment from even my toughest beauty critics.  

What is this magical goo?

It turns out maracuja is what we call passionfruit in English.

I’m obsessed with passionfruit tea, and passionflower tinctures—but I didn’t realize the fruit was so incredible for your skin.

When taken internally, passionfruit is amazing for relaxation, lowering blood pressure, decreasing inflammation, boosting your immune system, and regulating fluid balance throughout your body. I typically take it at night to ease myself off to bed.

Where does it come from?

Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and some rare fruit farmers grow it in California. 

Is it actually good for your skin? 

YES—when applied to your skin, it has the amazing power to heal oily, combination skin that is sensitive and prone to break outs.


According to Tarte.com, maracuja oil “restore(s) balance & harmony, you can apply a few drops of this daily moisturizing face oil to quench dry skin & seal in hydration, as the gentle multi-tasker helps calm excess sebum production on oily & acne-prone skin.” It's also packed with antioxidants and vitamin C which reduce aging, speed up healing, and correct uneven skin tone.

Gift from the Gods?

Could be.

I tried the Maracuja Oil from Tarte ($26 USD), but there are less expensive versions from brands like Leven Rose ($13 USD + free shipping). Click the links to buy on Amazon.

Pair it with our strong hair skin, and nails supplement Busy Bee and you'll radiate from the inside out in no time. ;)

Keep Glowing,


Founder + CEO of Jiva Bhaksa

Want to get your article featured on the Bhaksa Blog?

Send submissions to hello@jivabhaksa.com with Subject Line: Bhaksa Blog Article Submission.