Jiva Bhaksa Thinks Globally, and Acts Locally

Jiva Bhaksa Thinks Globally, and Acts Locally

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

Our mission is to give you the tools to transform your internal health so that you (look and) feel more vibrant. We want to help you, your sisters, your grandmother, and your best friends—and we want to be able to help them all around the world.

In doing this, we aim to be to be mindful of our earth, its inhabitants, and the resources that each of us have available to us in our local economies.

Have you ever traveled to a hot-spot destination only to realize that the hotel you’re staying in, the food you’re eating, and all of the items stores sell are not sourced from the local economy? Where all things seem to be “sourced from elsewhere?"

You might be thinking what’s the big deal? What if I like those things? Then we say, we understand you love your comforts—but you can find your comforts rooted in the soil anywhere you roam.

Do you love the bee pollen in New Zealand? Yes?

Well then, you are going to love the bee pollen from the Yucatan peninsula even more.

We want you to try new things, to root yourself in your surroundings, and taste the ingredients that come from the purest, richest soil on earth.

That’s why we are linking up with local economies in each geographical region we serve.

We want you to taste the local flavors (without skimping on quality). We want to support local farmers. We want to work in conjunction with local businesses with the end-goal of bringing more dollars into their hands.

Do you know what happens as we do this?

Your dietary supplements are fresher, less toxic, and more environmentally friendly.

By sourcing locally, we are decreasing the carbon footprint of these products (less transportation), and also preventing the problem of “over-farming”—which happens when one geographic region becomes responsible for the global demand of a product or service.

Over-farming can lead to mineral depletion in the soil, a decrease in quality, global market monopolies, and a heavy carbon footprint, and we want to stay as far away from this as possible.

In layman’s terms, this means that if you are shopping for Jiva Bhaksa Busy Bee in Tulum, Mexico, your product will be sourced from a nearby farm in Mexico’s tropical rainforest (drool).

We are putting dollars directly into the hands of the farmers, and placing our packaged products on local shelves to help reinforce their connection to the store's local economy.

We do have one disclaimer: we will not source locally in areas that are located in highly-toxic, polluted areas (such as Shanghai, Hong Kong, New Delhi, and these ten cities).

Why? We don’t want our customers consuming toxic pollution particles. It’s not that we don’t love where you live, it’s just that we want you to be as healthy as possible.

In these circumstances, we will send you the best sourced ingredients that we have on deck.

If you would like for us to start sourcing locally in your area, reach out to us at orders@jivabhaksa.com.