4 Simple Ways to Heal Hormonal Acne

Hormonal acne won't have a home within your skin if you try these four fixes.

Image via Oracle Fox

Image via Oracle Fox

1. Oil pulling with cold-pressed coconut oil

Why is oil pulling so good for you? It helps clear out toxins from your mouth, your lymph glands (housed mainly in your neck, but all over your body), and your thyroid gland (that sits in the center of your throat).


You can oil pull with a variety of oils, however when we're working to heal your hormones, coconut oil should be your go-to. It has the building blocks that help your body regulate and generate hormones for a healthy system.


Oil pulling will over time pulls out hormone disrupting chemicals that are floating around your system, and pushes out toxins from your tissues and cells by activating your lymph system.

Stay ahead of the game.

It only takes three days to reset your thyroid gland, which is wonderful for a quick fix—but guess what… your thyroid gland can get thrown off from balance just as quickly.


Be warned: oil pulling will require discipline on your part. Set an alarm on your calendar, add it to your to-do list, and make sure you do it daily.  Oil pulling should happen for at least five to twenty minutes per day.


Initially, twenty minutes might sound like a long time, but trust me, it’s not long at all if you get in the habit of doing something productive while you are oil pulling.


As soon as you put the oil into your mouth and start swishing, attack your task list. Watch an inspiring video on YouTube, clean your room, fold your clothes, do your daily squats.


Within a week, I guarantee you will notice benefits—including improved skin clarity, better breath, increased skin vibrancy, and strengthened immunity (note: a strong immune system helps heal existing breakouts at a faster pace, and prevents new breakouts from happening—breakouts are only skin infections).


You’re going to read a lot of blogs that say you MUST oil pull first thing in the morning. Don’t get caught up on timing, just focus on oil pulling at a time that works for you and make sure you do it everyday.

2. Cooking with cold-pressed coconut oil (ONLY)

Make cold-pressed coconut oil your one and only cooking oil.


Why? Unhealthy fat consumption can lead to breakouts. Unhealthy oils are generally saturated fats that are packed with toxic particles that break down your body’s cell barriers, and cause damage within your body (think: check acne, back acne, neck acne).


Coconut oil is one of the best unsaturated fats you’ll find on the market, and is anti-bacterial in nature, which means it will be fighting breakouts from the inside out.


Be careful though—you want to make sure you’re picking up a bottle of the unfiltered, cold-pressed stuff. The way unfiltered, cold-pressed coconut oil is processed leaves all of the vitamins and minerals in tact, so you get all the oily goodness (rather than gross by products from bad product processing practices). 

3. Introducing hormone balancing foods like MACA into your diet

When you have lived your whole lifetime eating meat and dairy products, and suddenly you stop consuming them, your body will go through a detox period. That detox isn’t just emotional and physical, it’s hormonal as well.


I experienced crazy hormonal acne after ceasing to consume meat and dairy, and it’s because my body wasn’t used to producing its own hormones.


At the time, the testosterone hormones that my body was producing weren’t being balanced out by estrogen based hormones because I wasn’t eating them in my food anymore. This caused me to breakout on my jaw-line, underneath my chin, and all along my neck.


It felt so uncomfortable, and was so embarrassing. I didn't want to go on dates, I didn't feel confident in my skin, and it was problem that persisted for YEARS. It wasn't until a fellow holistic nutritionist recommended adding estrogen producing herbs to my diet that I finally saw a major improvement. 


I incorporated maca and chaste-tree berry into my diet on a regular basis—and it's what I recommend for people who are currently suffering from hormonal breakouts. These ingredients were essential for re-balancing my hormones and breaking my body out of the ‘breakout’ cycle.


I developed the product Busy Bee because I hated the taste of maca, but I was really seeing big benefits from taking the root in powdered form. Luckily the recipe gives you all of the benefit, and none of the yucky taste. Wink, wink.

4. Detoxing from starches (and other inflammatory foods)

Hormonal acne is the worst when it comes to inflammation and redness. It’s so painful to touch. It stays on your skin for what feels like months.


Hormonal acne is extremely sensitive—which means normal acne fighting products only irritate your breakouts, drying them out, and causing your skin to feel even more uncomfortable (and even itchy with dryness at times).


The best thing to do is not to slather your face with ‘acne fighting’ creams, but rather detox from inflammatory causers themselves: like starchy foods.


Yes, this means cut out all white bread, potatoes, and pasta. Start reaching for the whole grains. Swap regular pasta for farro, white rice for quinoa, and regular potatoes for sweet potatoes.


Do the ‘starch detox’ for a minimum of six weeks, and stay committed. You’re going to be so happy (and so proud of yourself) when you look in the mirror. Your efforts are worth your while.  

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