Jiva Bhaksa Review: "Revive Me Made Me Feel Better in One Week"

Client Name: Katie

Occupation: Healing Touch Therapist

Our Q&A with Katie dives into her experience with Revive Me.

She has been taking it every morning for the last six months.


Q: What made you want to take Revive Me? What were you feeling like? Were you looking to transform any part of your body?

A: I was having a lot of problems with my digestion. My intestines felt irritated. My lower abdomen achy, and I was always gassy.

I wanted to feel normal everyday, and not have to worry about embarrassing gas.


Q: How long did it take to see results?

A: I would say I felt better after a week.


Q: How often do you take Revive Me?

A: Once a day, first thing in the morning.


4. What was the taste like?

It has a very green, grassy kind of flavor.


5. How long did your bottle of Revive Me last? 

My #ReviveMe bottle lasted 3 months.


6. How do you feel on days you don't take Revive Me?

I take it almost every day, so when I don't take it, I feel like my body is missing something. I miss the way it gives my intestines a soothing, healing feel.


7. Did your cravings for unhealthy foods change while taking Revive Me? If yes, how so?

I generally eat pretty healthily, so I definitely didn't crave unhealthy foods. 


8. What do you want people to walk away remembering about your #ReviveMe experience?

It helps energize you, and helps give your insides a nice healthy feeling.


9. What's your favorite recipe to use?

I like to mix it with warm water, and add lemon juice, or a slice of fresh ginger to the mix.

Even though it already contains turmeric, I like to add an additional 1/2 teaspoon.


10. Is there anything else you'd like to share with potential users?

It is a great product! I am so glad I found it!

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