This Facial Vacuum Will Change Your Life

Image via Vogue Hellas

Image via Vogue Hellas

I heard about the Hydrafacial in December 2016 when my sister came home from her treatment looking like a pregnant, glowing geisha.

I was extremely stressed at the time. I had been working day and night on developing my product line, while living in an apartment with NON-STOP radiator heating (which is extremely harsh on dry, sensitive, acne-prone skin).

The air was dry, and my skin was even dry-er.  

I was having a meltdown about my physical appearance. Although I hadn't suffered from major breakouts in years, I still had deep, dark marks + bumpy skin from my years of severe acne. 

The dark marks were the only thing I could stare at while looking in the mirror, and the dryness from my radiator heating was making my skin crawl.

I needed hydration, and I needed it fast, and I needed something that would make me stop cringing every time I looked in the mirror. 

The average person I met during product pop-ups, and while I was out and about, would tell me I have great skin. However, the babes in the beauty care industry weren't so kind. I'd often hear phrases, like, "I'm a make-up artist. I know skin, and your skin isn't perfect..." and "You have marks, you have the glow, but you have marks." 

These comments hit me to the core.

I was so embarrassed every time I left the house, went on a date, looked in the mirror, or shared my news about my products and how well they worked to clear up my chronic acne. The acne might disappear, but the dark marks from crazy, severe acne, well those—those will be there for life... (or so I thought). 

When my sister came home with her glowing with untamed vibrancy, I had to find out what she got done. I was a vulture stalking my prey—these dark marks need to be gone.

“I had a vaccum stuck to my face for twenty minutes. It was a facial on crack. My esthetician said it was the only thing that got her cystic acne to disappear—and at the very end, I got to see all the dirt + dead skin that came out of my face,” my sister cooed while lounging in her raw silk kimono.

This was my sister’s shortened description of what I now know as a Hydrafacial.

My sister was right—a Hydrafacial is a facial on CRACK. Your appointment is thirty minutes long, there are zero extractions, zero pain, and the fading of semi-permanent dark marks is seen within a few hours of your first appointment (that's like unreal, right? Right). 

The process is done with a medium sized machine that works in four parts. It surges your face with a gentle cleanser to break down dead skin cells and clean your face, then it goes into gently softening the skin and removing dead skin cells, then it goes into full suction mode where all the dead skin is sucked out of your face (note: my mother said that a blackhead that has lived on her face for four years was pulled out instantly), and then it goes into ultra hydration and repair mode to ensure that the whole process leaves you with a seamless glow.

No needles, no pain, no problem.

When I booked my appointment, I had made peace with the fact that my deep scarring and discoloration were with me for life, but I’m onto my third HydroFacial appointment, and my cheeks have never looked better.

The deep dirt I used to see in my face is gone (I live in one of the most polluted cities on earth, dirt in the pores Is a normal occurance for me). The scars that flooded my face and sat alongside my Penelope-Cruz-style freckles have now dissipated, and my freckles are more distinct and profound (and more beautiful if you ask me).

My skin’s ability to absorb the hydrating oils has improved, and therefore my skin texture has improved, and my monthly hormonal breakouts have completely gone away (because there's no dirt lodged deeply into my skin to break it out). Pheeeew.

I'm all about getting the most bang for your buck, and I have to say... for the same price as a high-end facial, I’m getting better results in less time, with less energy, and less effort, and more effectiveness with Hydrafacial. I feel like a beautiful human again with clear cheeks and even skin—which is something I never thought would happen!

I can tell you right now, I’m never going back to regular facials again… and no, this isn’t a sponsored post. That’s how into this I am. 

People who make hydrofacials are (of course) also obsessed with them. So obsessed, in fact, that they made an in-depth video about their machine. If you're like my sister, you'll be watching it on repeat for hours on end.