Is Summer Heat Breaking You Out? Alleviate It With This Quick Fix.

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Photo via Google Images

Photo via Google Images

The toughest thing about having skin issues is that our skin is unable to speak to us in words. 

Yes, our skin sends us many signs and signals—but there's so much decoding that we have to do—and we don't always get it right! 

We put our skin through so much in the summer. Exposing it to the hot sun, staying outside in excruciating heat, slathering our skin with toxic sunscreen, and exposing skin to abrasive sand (and harsh chlorine) will take a toll on anyone's glow. 

Many people suffer from bumpiness, a flare up of puffy white-heads, and soak in a sea of blackheads. 

So what's a person to do when they have a flare up? Keep calm. 

Chances are your flare up is due to an overexposure to heat (without proper cleaning), free-radical damage from the sun, and an over-stripping of natural skin oils. 

This means that your summer acne is really just acting out as a heat rash! 

It means your skin is asking for more hydration, and less salicylic acid. 

The best thing to do is to feed yourself with skin building proteins, and herbs that naturally reduce inflammation (check out our products Busy Bee and Revive Me—and make sure you take them on a daily basis)! Then reach for ultra-hydrating, and ultra-natural sources of hydration such as: rose water, aloe vera, coconut oil, and any non-comedogenic hydrating serum. 

Use the rosewater as toner, use the aloe vera as a face mask, use the coconut oil for spot treatments for any white pustules (it will kill the bacteria instantly and prevent dark marks from forming), and use the hydrating serum to keep your skin happy and clear. 

The reason why you will want to reach for hydrators is because your skin is retaining more heat than it normally does—and we need to draw the heat out of the face with cooling products so that the redness + inflammation in your skin dissipates, and your glow gets restored.

Focusing on hydration doesn't mean skipping your cleansing. 

Although you might be tempted to wash your face less in the summer, it might be even more important to not skip a wash because the summer heat will have your skin in detox mode—sweating out the many toxins that live inside your skin. 

Let go of your harsh cleansers, and reach for gentle exfoliants like rolled oats—or even a natural mud soap. 

If you feel that your skin is 'dirtier' than most other people, reach for a charcoal soap to absorb the toxins as you rinse—and enjoy the extra vitamin D. 

Want to get your article featured on the Bhaksa Blog?

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